Greetings, Robin Trower fans.

When we postponed the 2020 tour, we tried to anticipate the defeat of the Covid. We underestimated. The virus shows no sign of becoming less virulent and there is still high risk for Artist and audience.

Now we find ourselves with a tour booked, Visas obtained, preparations accelerating, but recognizing that risks for our touring team are unacceptably high.

This was underlined this week when we learned that a musical collaborator and close friend of Robin’s had spent two weeks in hospital after he was infected with COVID while on the road. It was a huge shock to learn on Saturday that one of that touring team had died of the virus.

Because Robin’s touring style closely parallels that of his friend who is so sorely afflicted, we have decided to cancel the Spring tour (April/May 2022).

We need to cancel because we cannot start the rebooking process until there is some clarity about the pandemic’s end. Then we can look ahead to book the relevant tour dates.

Robin is disappointed by not being able to play for his audience, but we hope that you can all understand the problem, and will support us in our decision. We will get the show on the road as soon as it is safe for all of us.