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Robin Trower - East Coast US Tour - Kickoff Video

Robin Trower's 2016 Tour of the US East Coast begins on March 30 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Learn more about the tour via the video.

Robin Trower to Release New CD...
Where You Are Going To

Robin Trower’s upcoming CD, Where You Are Going To, is the latest in his ever growing catalog. The new CD is more of a rocker than the last one, but still squarely based in Robin's love for Blues. Robin's voice is much more confident on these ten new studio recordings, and the guitar work is stunning. A continuation of Mr. Trower's creative upsurge, Robin is credited with Guitar, Vocals, and Bass with Chris Taggart on Drums, with Livingstone Brown also on bass, co-production and mixing/mastering. Robin created the art piece that was turned into a classy package by Graphic Artist Eric Krause. There is a limited run of vinyl LPs available.

Expect a 28-city US tour in the Eastern US this Spring supporting the new CD. Some UK/Europe dates will be scheduled for later in 2016, with Western/ Central US to be scheduled for Spring 2017. The road trio is Robin, Chris Taggart and Richard Watts on Bass/Vocals. Robin will be singing at least three tunes from the new CD on the tour. Release in the States is 3/25, and 4/25 in the UK. Advance orders for the Where You Are Going To CD, MP3s and ltd. ed. LP are available at Amazon.

Robin Trower: Santa Claus is Back in Town

Robin has teamed with Paul Jones (The Blues Band) on harmonica to give us a tasty Christmas treat this year. Enjoy!

2016 Tour Info

We are booking a tour of the Eastern United States for April 2016. Watch this space for a list of cities.

Guitar World: Dear Robin Trower

Robin answers questions regarding Bridge of Sighs, his vibrato, effects and more at Guitar World's Dear Guitar Hero column.

Backstage Pass: Robin Trower, King of the Strat

Check out Bill Robinson's newest column on The Huffington Post Backstage Pass: Robin Trower, King of the Strat for a great write-up and review of Robin's show at The Paramount theater this past October.

Robin Trower to Release New CD...
Something's About To Change

Highly anticipated as his first new studio album since 2013’s critically acclaimed Roots And Branches, Robin Trower’s latest CD, Something’s About To Change, will be released by V12 Records on Feb 10, 2015 in the US and Mar 9, 2015 in the UK. Read more about Robin's new album and upcoming UK tour...

Robin Trower on Friends of Dan music podcast

Head on over to the Friends of Dan music podcast site to catch a great interview with Robin Trower. Dan and Robin discuss Robin's take on writing, both his old music and new and the importance of emotion over technique.

Robin Trower to be featured on syndicated rock radio program InTheStudio with Redbeard

North American syndicated Rock radio show and website InTheStudio: The Stories Behind History’s Greatest Rock Bands celebrates the 40th anniversary of Bridge of Sighs, the breakthrough solo effort from former Procol Harum guitarist Robin Trower.

Original Album Series on Facebook - The Entire Week is Dedicated to Robin Trower

This week is Robin Trower week on Warner Music's Original Album Series Facebook page. They are dedicating the whole week to Robin Trower and have regular posts scheduled that will be highlighting key tracks and albums, as well as the Original Album Series.

Chalk Up Another Great Review of Roots And Branches

This time, the venerable online+print music magazine Blues and Soul has published a glowing review of Robin Trower's Roots And Branches CD.

Robin Trower Interview + Video in Interactive Guitar Magazine

Issue 16 of the free digital magazine Interactive Guitar has a great write up and video interview with Robin Trower. Don't miss it! And you can find a great article about Robin and his latest album, Roots and Branches on their main website,

Another Great Review of Roots And Branches

Robin's new CD, Roots And Branches is getting tons of great reviews. Here's yet another from Rock Guitar Daily.

Roots And Branches Review in Firebrand Magazine

Hot (no pun intended) new music magazine, Firebrand Magazine, has published a 10-out-of-10 review of Robin Trower's new CD, Roots And Branches. Check out Issue #4 of Firebrand Magazine here.

Listen to Hound Dog from Roots And Branches

This track has been getting great buzz by Trower fans. Listen and judge for yourself!

Roots And Branches CD Pre-Order: Available Now!

Pre-orders are now being accepted for Robin's upcoming CD Roots And Branches. Head over to the Robin Trower Store and place your order to be first in line!

Roots And Branches CD and Tour Update

Last week I went into the studio with Livi to make the final tweaks to the new CD Roots and Branches. I am really pleased with the results, and hope you’ll enjoy it when it comes out in early 2013. We have decided to postpone all touring until later in the year, probably Autumn. I am looking forward to playing the new music to you then. I’m sorry for any inconvenience these changes may cause. Thanks for your continued support. -Robin

UK Tour Has Been Postponed

UPDATE: UK replacement dates are being confirmed in March of 2013.The itinerary will follow soon.

Video Highlights: Robin Trower at Weyfest UK

Here's a great video of Robin Trower on tour in the UK. (Anyone recognize his bass player / vocalist?)

Blast From The Past - Robin Trower Playing The Fool And Me at The Winterland in 1975

Robin Trower Nominated in the 2011 British Blues Awards. Vote Now!

Robin has now been nominated in the 2011 British Blues Awards. This is quite an honor and we want to make sure he wins... so get out and vote! Voting closes on July 31. One vote allowed in each category per email address.

Playful Heart Album Recording with Bass Player Glenn Letsch

Robin Gives a Guided Tour of his Pedalboard on The Playful Heart

Robin Now Providing News/Updates via Twitter and Facebook

To supplement his long-standing TrowerPower website, and the Robin Trower Community site (which is nearing its 3rd anniversay on Jan 23, btw), you can now follow Robin Trower on Twitter or become a Trower fan on Facebook and receive timely announcements regarding the upcoming Playful Heart tour, and other promotional goodies.

Robin Discusses Recording with the Live Band on His Newest Album The Playful Heart

Robin Discusses Songwriting on His Newest Album The Playful Heart

Robin Talks About Recording The Playful Heart

Pre-order Robin's Latest CD - The Playful Heart

Robin's new CD is ready for distribution. The latest musical adventure from our favorite guitarist and band will be available for pre-order in the Trower Store next week, and ready to ship in late November. (Just in time for Christmas for that special Robin Trower fan you know!) ;-)

This introspective new CD holds some of Robin's most emotional playing ever. Superbly backed in the studio by Davey, Glenn and Pete, and with Livingstone Brown behind the board, this is a quiet masterpiece. We will be putting a couple of tracks up on the website soon, and making an offer you can't refuse on pre-orders. Watch this space!

UPDATE: Here's a tasty sampling of the tracks on The Playful Heart.

The Playful Heart

Song For Those Who Fell

Not Inside... Outside

First US Tour Dates, Now Online

The first US tour dates have been announced. Details are available on the Tours page. Sept. 8 - UPDATE - More confirmed dates have been added. Oct 11 - UPDATE - The 2nd leg is being planned. Please check the Tours section for a city near you.

Good Humor Man - Now Available on YouTube

As any Robin Trower fan worth his salt knows ;-), Robin wrote and performed the soundtrack to the movie The Good Humor Man. Unfortunately, the movie was never released in theaters, but did air on Showtime a few times several years ago. Well, the entire Good Humor Man movie is now available for viewing in its entirety on YouTube. Head over to watch... and listen!

Robin Trower Box Set - Available 06.26.2010

A 3 CD Box Set containing Robin's five Chrysalis albums released between 1973-1976 [includes bonus tracks: B-sides; previously unreleased tracks] is due for release on 26 July 2010. Here's where you can get more info about the Robin Trower - A Tale Untold: The Chrysalis Years (1973-1976) box set.

Update 08.09.2010: Some glowing reviews of the box set have surfaced. PDFs available here.

Robin on the Marshall Amps Home Page - 07.06.2010

Big news... All the RT gearhead fans know that Robin Trower has traditionally favored Marshall amps to help produce his unmistakable tone. Marshall has recently recognized this fact by featuring Robin on the website. Plus they have put together some videos where Robin talks about his 2010 European tour and about acheiving his signature tone using Marshall amps.

2011 US Tour Update - 06.12.2010

Good news US fans... we are booking the Robin Trower 2011 US tour. The current plan sees the tour starting in Florida in February, cutting across Texas to California and up the West coast, finishing in Seattle in April. Then Robin will take a break, and will start again in Chicago in June, going thru the midwest, and finishing in the Northeast at the end of July.

The Agency is soliciting offers, and as shows are confirmed, we will post them in the tours section. Robin has asked Davey, Glenn and Pete to join him on the 2011 US tour, which will feature some new songs from the CD that is being recorded now, along with some musical surprises.

2010 Tour Update - 02.22.2010

Head over to the Tours page for Robin's European tour dates in 2010. Sorry to dissapoint the US fans, but there will be no US tour in 2010.

Review Fix Exclusive Q&A: Robin Trower - 01.04.2010

If you'd like to start the New Year out right by reading an awesome interview with Robin Trower, head over to and enjoy.

Electric Croude Interview - RE-RUN! - 11.24.2009

Due to an unusually high number of requests, this Saturday, November 28, at midnight EST, George Maida will be re-running "The Electric Croude" show from September, featuring Robin Trower and "What Lies Beneath". Head over to for more information.

Seven Moons Live DVD/CD Now Available - 10.03.2009

A limited number of Seven Moons Live DVD/CD sets are now available. This is a recording of Robin Trower and Jack Bruce in Nijmegen, Holland last year. Read more here. Head over to the Robin Trower store to order your copy while they're still available.

Robin Trower Interview on The Electric Croude - 09.26.2009

This Sept. 26, at midnight EDT, DJ George Maida will be devoting an entire hour of his show, The Electric Croude, to What Lies Beneath, including an interview with Robin. Head over to for more information.

Robin Trower Interview on Classic Rock Revisited - 09.14.2009

Classic Rock Revisited editor Jeb Wright recently interviewed Robin Trower about his new album What Lies Beneath. In this interview he discusses his recent tour with Jack Bruce, the making of What Lies Beneath and talks about some of his classic tracks. Head over to and have a listen. It's a terrific interview and we think you will enjoy it.

Venue Change for Oct 16 St. Petersburg, FL Show - 09.06.2009

The Oct 16 show in St. Petersburg has moved from Jannus Landing to The Ritz Ybor. If you've purchased tickets to the Jannus Show, Ticketmaster is offering to exchange them. More info is available at The Ritzybor website.

Robin Trower Talks Gear - 08.07.2009

Check out the following video, produced by Harmony Central, where Robin Trower talks about his guitar, amps and effects.

Win a Robin Trower Signature Strat from Fender - 08.06.2009

Here's your chance to win a Fender Custom Shop Robin Trower Signature model Stratocaster. Fender is giving one away on October 18th, so register for the giveaway now.

Seven Moons - Live - 08.06.2009

The Robin Trower/Jack Bruce co-operative effort recorded visually and aurally in Nijmegen, Holland will be released by Ruf Records in mid-October. Both the CD and DVD are titled "Seven Moons Live" and contain the following songs recorded live:

  • Seven Moons
  • Lives Of Clay
  • Distant Places Of The Heart
  • Sunshine Of Your Love
  • Carmen
  • So Far To Yesterday
  • Perfect Place
  • Bad Case Of Celebrity
  • The Last Door
  • Come To Me
  • White Room
  • Politician

It seems unlikely that Jack, Robin and amazing drummer Gary Husband will tour the US, so this is the closest we can get to "being there". When we find out the exact release date we will let you know.

10.03.2009 - This is now available for purchase in the Robin Trower store.

Robin Trower Music at Starbucks? - 07.14.2009

Since Starbucks now sells CDs in their stores, wouldn't it be great if we could get some Robin Trower recordings on their list? If you think this is a good idea, please complete the following form on Please make sure to complete the "message" field asking to see Robin Trower music on their CD racks. Thanks to John Stenger-Smith for submitting the idea.

Rockin Robin Trower Interview on Inside Musicast - 07.06.2009

The guys at the music interview site, Inside Musicast, have posted a great interview podcast with Robin Trower. Listen here at

Robin Trower on... Live Shows - 06.30.2009

Enjoy this video Robin has recorded in support of his soon-to-be-released CD, What Lies Beneath. Available for pre-order in the Robin Trower store for $15.00 until May 21, then $20.00 thereafter.

Robin Trower on... The What Lies Beneath Producer - 06.13.2009

Enjoy this video Robin has recorded in support of his soon-to-be-released CD, What Lies Beneath. Available for pre-order in the Robin Trower store for $15.00 until May 21, then $20.00 thereafter.

Robin Trower to Appear on Rockline on June 3, 2009

Robin will appear on the Rockline radio show on June 3. Interviewer Bob Coburn will also play some excerpts from Robin's new album What Lies Beneath. Check your local station for availability. Various Internet radio stations will also carry the broadcast. More information is available at (Note: this is a listener call-in format. Last time, we lit up the switchboard. Let's melt it this time!)

Robin Trower on... The What Lies Beneath Album Cover - 05.22.2009

Enjoy this video Robin has recorded in support of his soon-to-be-released CD, What Lies Beneath. Available for pre-order in the Robin Trower store for $15.00 until May 21, then $20.00 thereafter.

Robin Trower to Appear on Rockline on June 3, 2009

Robin will appear on the Rockline radio show on June 3. Interviewer Bob Coburn will also play some excerpts from Robin's new album What Lies Beneath. Check your local station for availability. Various Internet radio stations will also carry the broadcast. More information is available at (Note: this is a listener call-in format. Last time, we lit up the switchboard. Let's melt it this time!)

Robin Trower on... Technique - 05.13.2009

Enjoy this video Robin has recorded in support of his soon-to-be-released CD, What Lies Beneath. Available for pre-order in the Robin Trower store for $15.00 until May 21, then $20.00 thereafter.

Reg Isidore Has Passed Away - 03.29.2009

We have been told that Reg Isidore has passed away, that he died of a heart attack just before is 60th birthday. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. More info can be found online, including the fan site.

Robin Trower Coming to Concert TV - 12.16.2008

As many of you know, our good friends at JamCam Chronicles ( have been providing us with some video clips from last spring's Royal Oak Music Theater Show -- four of which can be found as bonus material on Disc 2 of the new live album. In addition to those four, three more tunes (Day of the Eagle, Too Rolling Stoned and Go My Way) from the RT@RO.08 show will soon be available in the form of a 30-minute Comcast Concert.TV segment that will air "On Demand" from January 15th-February 15th! Visit for more info.

US Tour Dates Posted - 12.10.2008

The first leg of the US 2009 tour is posted in the Tours section. The tour starts in Seattle in mid-May. More info will be added as venues are confirmed, so check back often for updates. We are currently working on the second leg and those dates will be posted as things develop.

RT@RO.08: NOW SHIPPING! - 11.21.2008

UPDATE: Nov 21... The RT@RO08 double-CD set is NOW SHIPPING!
Here's a tasty video preview of what's to come on the Royal Oak double CD that is SHIPPING RIGHT NOW! Be on the lookout for more info to come soon.

TOUR UPDATE - 06.16.2008

There will not be any more US touring for the Robin Trower band this year.

We hope to have information on the next touring period at the end of the summer, but there is nothing like a plan in the works yet. The earliest possibilities start in March 2009.

For all the Australian Fans who have been emailing, I am sorry to report that although we have investigted the possibiity of a tour down under, the expenses vastly outweigh the possible income.

We will post it here as soon as we have a definite period for more dates. Including a possible few shows with Jack Bruce after Jack's Summer tour schedule is completed. (No Promises!)

-Derek Sutton


We have been unable to get dates routed well enough to make a proper four week tour in the September through November time period. So we are now looking in Feb-March 2009.

Because the cancelled shows in Cleveland and Columbus cannot be resheduled until early next year, please contact your local ticket outlet for instructions on what to do with those unused tickets. It will depend on the local venue whether they refund your money or keep the tickets valid until the replay date.

Robin asked me to tell everyone who had tickets to those two shows that he is really sorry that this happened -- and that he's looking forward to getting to Ohio as soon as possible.

-Derek Sutton


On Thurs. April 17, 2008 Robin Trower will appear on National Public Radio's World Cafe radio show. To find your local station, click here to go to the NPR website and use their station locator. For International fans, you can listen online at WXPN/Philadelphia.

NOTE: The April 17 date reflects the schedule that the show will be fed to the NPR affiliates. Individual stations my choose to revise their broadcast dates. So make sure to check well in advance with your affiliate to find out the actual broadcast date in your area.


UPDATE: Thanks to all the fans who called in. The switchboard was lit up the entire time.
This Wed, Feb 6, Robin Trower will appear on Rockline radio. If there's ever a question you've wanted to ask of our guitar hero, now's your chance -- this is a CALL IN SHOW! Head over to the Rockline Radio website for more info.


To provide a place for Robin's fans to band together, we have created a site where fans can join in on discussions, post show reviews, share photos, post blogs, etc. Head over to the Robin Trower Community site and sign up. We're hoping this will provide a great resource for RT fans all over the world.


If you have been following Robin's blog, you know that he and Jack Bruce have reunited in the studio. Their Seven Moons CD will be released on Jan 8, 2008. Pre-release orders are being taken now. Click here to place your order. For a preview of the CD cover click here. We will keep fans updated via the TrowerPower mailing list. If you haven't yet subscribed, click here.


After lo these many years, we have updated the Trower Power website. We hope you like the new look. There are some pieces that are still not complete... namely the Music section. Robin has such a large catalog of music that it is taking us a little longer to get everything there online. As we add content to the new site, we will send out notifications to the mailing list subscribers. If you have not yet subscribed to the mailing list, click here to subscribe.

World Tour 2008 Update - 9.6.07

The band for the upcoming shows is now complete. Glenn Letsch has agreed to accept the job playing bass. He will join Davey Pattison and Pete Thompson for the 2008 tour, both in the USA and Europe/UK. Rehearsals will take place in England in December, and the tour will start in Ft Pierce FL on January 16th. We are still tweaking the tour routing, but will announce the first leg dates in a couple of weeks. Click here to view the current tour schedule.

Robin Trower Blues Quest Interview - 8.1.2007

The Blues Quest radio show is now online. Click here to stream it to your computer. There are three sessions; total running time is about an hour. Enjoy!

Fake Steve Jobs is a Trower Fan! - 7.27.07

For us tech-heads who follow the "Fake Steve Jobs" blog site... who'd have known... Fake Steve is one of us!

Check out this blog post from today, Jul 27, 2007.